Voices, vistas and videos

Our first visit to Onslow was in July 2012, our second was in February 2013, our third was in July 2013. Each time we’ve made a magazine that you can read by clicking on the magazine tag in the menu on top of this page.  We’ll be heading back about every six months for the next few years to record both the physical and social evolution of the town. This includes not only looking at what is being built, but also what is being lost and how local people feel about the town’s rapid evolution.

Each time we visit we spend time talking to people and catching their opinions, hopes and concerns in text, on video, and through photographs of their community and country. Sometimes the stories that people in a community tell are true and sometimes they get taller as they travel around town. We check facts, but we are also interested in capturing the stories, emotions and opinions that change like this evokes.

Explore this site to hear them and to see the fishing village that is now home to the Macedon and Wheatstone gas projects.

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