Tracking Onslow

This project documented the impact of two major gas hubs on a Western Australian community – the BHP Macedon Gas Plant and the Chevron Wheatstone Natural Gas Project.

While resource projects such as gas hubs are hailed as being beneficial to the Australian economy, political debate about the costs and benefits of these projects to the communities that host them is rife. Policy arguments about whether resources royalties should be spent in the regions or dispersed more widely lack supporting evidence and this project sought to provide that sort of credible information.

Commencing in July 2012 Tracking Onslow took five small groups of Edith Cowan University students to Onslow every six months to record the physical and social changes in the community, using photography, audio, video and text based journalism.

In creating this website we made every effort to ensure that the information published was correct at the time of publishing. Interviews were conducted in Onslow during our visits and some information was gathered in subsequent phone interviews and through other research processes. We apologise for any omissions.

Produced by Edith Cowan University
2 Bradford St, Mt Lawley, WA, 6050.

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