To get to know a place it’s important to speak to the people who live there. They have insider knowledge and a personal take on what’s happening in town that newcomers and visitors can only imagine.

In July 2012 we started the process of recording how the locals saw Onslow and what they thought of the changes. These clips were filmed and edited by Jasmine Amis, from interviews by Claire Ottaviano and Aine Ryan in July 2012.

The filming continued during the Tracking Onslow Team’s second trip in February of 2013. The February 2013 team was Claire Ottaviano, Kaitlin Shawcross, Kirstyn McMullan, Karma Barndon and Jon Hopper.

An introduction to the Tracking Onslow project and the team of February 2013.
Report on the dust storm of Monday, 11 February 2013.
Some sights Karma Barndon took in while in Onslow in February 2013.
Beadon Creek in February 2013.
Onslow the Movie, coming February 2013.
Daniel Munday, Regional Development Manager of V-Swans in July 2012.
President of the Shire of Ashburton, Kerry White, in July 2012.
Onslow resident and musician, Peter “Back Alley” Kalalo in July, 2012.
Gerry Carroll from the Onslow Post Office in July, 2012.
Onslow resident, Joe Freeman in July 2012.
Jackie Barry, Principal of Onslow Primary School in July 2012.
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